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Updating Solaris DNS via SVCCFG

It’s been a while since I have made a blog post. Time has certainly been ver precious. Believe me, I have no shortage of topics to cover either.

Recently, while doing some of my routine checks, I discovered one of of the SuperClusters that I support had the DNS of all Global and Local Domains pointing to a DNS server over 2000 miles away. How that happened isn’t entirely important, and I know we can all agree this isn’t a great idea, especially when there is a DNS in the local data center.

So let’s look at the best way to fix this. Solaris 11 makes it pretty easy using the “svccfg” command, right?

svccfg -s network/dns/client listprop config
svccfg -s network/dns/client setprop config/nameserver = net_address: "([primary dns] [backup dns])"
svcadm refresh dns/client
svccfg -s network/dns/client listprop config

Well there you have it. It all set now and forever? Actually, no. Upon further investigation, I found that the “/etc/resolv.conf” file was not updated with the new changes. Why was that? Further research yielded that there was actually one more command to execute and it wasn’t located any where near the first set of commands in the documents:

nscfg import svc:/network/dns/client:default

After I had added that simple command to the set that had been executed first, the “/etc/resolv.conf” file now reflected the new values.

Hope this helps.